The evolution of educational and professional assessment

LiftUpp was developed in 2009 within the University of Liverpool Faculty of Medicine with four aims:

A team of like-minded educators, programmers and administrators worked together to create a platform that could achieve these ambitious aims, and we succeeded.

This team became LiftUpp in 2015, and now provides a multitude of solutions across educational disciplines.

LiftUpp is more than just a learning management system perfectly suited to professionally accredited programmes, and goes beyond other ‘solutions’ that merely allow you to electronically capture and store information, thereby providing you with a ‘scrapbook’ of data.

LiftUpp is a simple to use, customisable web interface with a data collection app for the iPad designed to bridge the gap between learner development and professional competency. It allows organisations to see the true developmental profile of each learner – instantly, in-real time and without the paperwork.