The evolution of educational and professional assessment

LiftUpp is a digital platform which supports quality-assured assessment and feedback in education. Robust curriculum mapping and learning outcome tools enable students to receive regular, tracked and meaningful feedback for improved learning. Powerful analytical tools allow students, staff and even external bodies to track and monitor progress.

LiftUpp is suitable for any course and has particular relevance for those which incorporate professional and regulatory body requirements, and those which have workplace assessment.

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Cost Saving

LiftUpp saves time by providing students and staff with immediate access to the information they need. LiftUpp's robust information can be used to tailor interventions and defend progress decisions. And you don't need to print logbooks, portfolios etc.

Student Experience

LiftUpp has been proven to enhance the student experience. You can provide individualised and timely feedback to students and therefore personalise their education; the result is a demonstrable increase in student performance and satisfaction.

Integrated Communication

Through its curriculum mapping tool LiftUpp links curricula, learning outcomes, timetables, students, staff and assessments. Analytical reports on progress for an individual, a course, a cohort and even a whole institution are available at the touch of a button.

NSS Scores
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LiftUpp is not just an app which can be downloaded from the App Store. It is the establishment of a relationship with a team possessing both educational and technical experience to transform your current practice.

Dr Stephen McKinnell
School of Health Sciences
University of Liverpool

The staff here in Portsmouth have enthusiastically embraced the new technology and have begun to reap the rewards of rich clinical data profiling of student progress. We have been supported closely by the LiftUpp team in taking small steps to replace a cumbersome paper based system with a modern and efficient app interface.

Jo-Anne Taylor
Interim Associate Head of Education
University of Portsmouth

Using LiftUpp to provide feedback to the students has greatly enhanced their learning experience, enabling them to reflect and effect immediate changes to their practice, as appropriate. The data collected is invaluable to staff and students for monitoring progress, increasing confidence of the school in decision making.

Prof. R Graham Chadwick
Operative Dentistry &
Dental Materials Science
School of Dentistry
University of Dundee

LiftUpp has been incredibly useful in my role as Head of School. It has hugely reduced the workload and time spent in providing data to internal and external programme reviewing bodies, including the General Dental Council. Since the introduction of LiftUpp our students’ productivity has increased significantly and I am sure that this is ensuring that our graduates are more demonstrably ‘fit for purpose’ than ever.

Prof. Callum Youngson
Head of School
School of Dentistry
University of Liverpool